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Quote of the Month; The Commodore of the club leads by example, usually he leads round the race track as well-Joe King.

Friday, October 21, 2011

SOMR 2011

One Week away from the start of SOMR for this year. Wow that has come around quick. Next Friday we will have a set of load cells at HYC for weighing of boats. If you need to weigh your boat or have new sails measured you need to be there Friday. Saturday will be to late.

Last week was the first race for the Summer series at HYC. Only problem was, there wasn't a finish boat?? Where was it you may ask? Well let me tell you..................... Picking "Dads Army" up out of the water. That's right wetsuits not spray jackets were needed as Scadddle flipped over in the fresh 30 kt wester. All crew were rescued successfully and Terry didn't even stop talking. Scadddle was towed back to the dock and bucketed out while George warmed up in the shower.
My arms nearly dropped off before passing the baton to Lisa and Big Tone to finish the job..

MOD 70 trimarans match race

The MOD 70 multihull circuit is up and running. The KRYS match showcased these new 70' one design trimarans. The final victory went to the race for water team. Edmond de Rothschild is racing their 77' modified ORMA 60 till their MOD 70 is ready to sail. The boats are raced in a crewed format with no single handing envisioned.
The MOD70 circuit is intended to replace the ORMA60 series where escalating costs and large development budgets finally meant that only a few boats were competitive. The one design ethos seems to be paying off with close racing in every ocean race and short course event conducted so far. At intervals of approximately four years they will conduct a round the world ocean race with about half a dozen stopovers including one in Australia (Sydney).
More details and videos are at http://www.multionedesign.com/en/

OMR review

In disagreeing with the outcome of the last OMR review I in NO way do
wish to denigrate the work done by the current OMR committee members,
quite the reverse in fact. I want it on the record that their efforts
are appreciated and needed and I fully support Mikes statements
expressed in his email and I am happy to publicly be put on the
record with that support.

I am at the same time grateful to MYCQ for the willingness to conduct
a further review as I had decided not to participate in multihull
racing going forward. This would have been a pity as I have been
constructing an all carbon foiling F32 with the primary goals of
racing her, but I also saw a fundamental injustice in the
implementation of the new crew weight rule that made my 120kg body
weight a handicap too far.

But even without the all singing all dancing carbon thing, right now,
I struggle to attract crew to my current F25A (toooooo slowwwww!) and
the new rule would have made my handicap even worse when I was forced
to be under crewed. F25s seems to be noncompetitive normally anyway
so making my rating worse by not getting enough crew to meet the
minimum number only exasperated the situation.

There are not too many sports that us older mid life spread heavier
type of guys can compete in on a level playing field so I was somewhat
disappointing that it looked like the sport of choice was being put
out of range for me so you see your willingness to conduct a review is
MOST welcome.

On another note, In one of the emails that was circulated it
suggested that there is a mathematical error in that formula in the
implementation of the rotating mast mathematics. Is that correct?
I had decided to use a fixed mast as it seems to me that the handicap
imposed under OMR for a rotating rig is just not worth the OMR cost

Should I review that choice? What do you guys think?

OMR Review - Update 20/10/11

Gentlemen, The MYCQ Executive has reviewed the submissions made by you the skippers in relation to the V5 OMR rule introduced in early September 2011 and has decided that the concerns expressed in those submissions warrant further investigation and in the interim the published spreadsheet for OMR handicap calculations on the Club website will revert to the previous version 4.08 with Declared Crew Weight functionality. For those who are responsible for the handicapping at regattas it is now important to have Declared Weight for ALL CREWS, with no boats using default weight, to get the fairest result. The club is privileged to have members of the calibre of Bob Forster, Garry Scott and Rob Sherwood who put in many hours working on the V5 upgrade, especially Bob with his exceptional mathematics skills and Garry with his attention to detail and process. The review you may recall was sought because of perceived irregularities with the Declared Crew Weight rule. You may not agree with the outcome of their work but I salute them for their resourcefulness and unselfish application to the task. The Club Executive is firmly committed to keeping OMR at the forefront of Multihull racing and realises to do that we need you the sailors to be using it and encourage others to do so. Mike Hodges Vice Commodore Chairman OMR Committee

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Calling all members - Bloggers Wanted

Hi All,
We would like to open up this blog to all MYCV members so we can keep everyone informed with what's happening with Multihulls in Victoria.

We need more;

  • Race Reports
  • Cruising Stories
  • Hows your building project going
  • New Launchings
  • Crew Wanted
  • Up coming social events
  • and much much more

If you can type an email then you will be able to post an article on the blog. 

Please email me <click here> and I'll add you in as an admin person all training will be provided.

Rob Reiger
Bare Essentials