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Friday, October 21, 2011

OMR Review - Update 20/10/11

Gentlemen, The MYCQ Executive has reviewed the submissions made by you the skippers in relation to the V5 OMR rule introduced in early September 2011 and has decided that the concerns expressed in those submissions warrant further investigation and in the interim the published spreadsheet for OMR handicap calculations on the Club website will revert to the previous version 4.08 with Declared Crew Weight functionality. For those who are responsible for the handicapping at regattas it is now important to have Declared Weight for ALL CREWS, with no boats using default weight, to get the fairest result. The club is privileged to have members of the calibre of Bob Forster, Garry Scott and Rob Sherwood who put in many hours working on the V5 upgrade, especially Bob with his exceptional mathematics skills and Garry with his attention to detail and process. The review you may recall was sought because of perceived irregularities with the Declared Crew Weight rule. You may not agree with the outcome of their work but I salute them for their resourcefulness and unselfish application to the task. The Club Executive is firmly committed to keeping OMR at the forefront of Multihull racing and realises to do that we need you the sailors to be using it and encourage others to do so. Mike Hodges Vice Commodore Chairman OMR Committee

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