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Quote of the Month; The Commodore of the club leads by example, usually he leads round the race track as well-Joe King.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Multihulls in the 2013 Three Peaks Race

I'm writing from Peccadillo, docked in Coles Bay on the Freycinet Peninsula in Tasmania. We were in a commanding position at the front of the fleet until 1830 yesterday when we lost our rudders (yes, both of them!). At 18 knots under spinnaker it was an interesting moment but incredibly fast reactions by Dave Blake and Phil Remilton got the spinnaker in before disaster ensued. The multihull baton has been passed to Steve Laird's 42 ft Chamberlain, and he is currently in lead. Hope he wins - great team and regular competitors who are really sailing their boat to its potential this year, with the bonus of a fast running team. The other multi, the Simpson 30 of Peter Newman, is running 4th.

Until our rudder debacle, we had had a fantastic race on Peccadillo, smashing the leg record from the start to Lady Barron (Flinders Island) previously held by Twisted Sister (1997) by 1 hr 20 mins. We were going fast for most of the second leg until we hit a big wind hole and slowed down but were still well ahead of the rest of the fleet. Then .... oh well, that's yacht racing!

Go to www.threepeaks.org.au to see the finish on the yacht tracker

Cheers, Charles Meredith

Couple of nice pics:

Monday, March 11, 2013


While the travelers in the club were competing at Marley Point, I stayed back and sailed with Mark and Jane on With Teeth. It was a lovely day 30d with 10kts most of the time blowing, Course 26 picked for the day, up round middle spit with a ripper spinnaker run between the mud banks.

And I would have to say the team were pretty happy after the spinnaker run with the lead boats not that far in front. PHC victors for sure and they were lucky we weren't racing under OMR because we had that covered as well. Rounding the bottom mark up to the finish and our tacking angles weren't the best, but we sailed well to the finish very happy with ourselves.... Until we were told the other boats had been in for 1.5 hours waiting. Top speed for the day 22kts

Key notes:

1. Mark sailed OK.
2. Jane and Tim crew brilliantly.
3. Jib needs work.
4. Main needs work.
5. Boat sails better once centreboard is down.
6. With Teeth is a heavy boat.
7. Don't need 7 clips from a 50f mono to clip spinnaker bag on to net.

Overall a great day sailing...

Marlay Point over night race 2013

Frassld had a good start with a steady Easterly breeze so a 12 nm beat across lake Wellington saw us into McLennan Straights at about 22.20 in 2nd place behind the Thompson 8, the wind had dropped out now and a J 24 sailed straight past us while we drifted with the current, bouncing of the banks on both sides at 0.4 Knts. About half way through we found having the jib back winded and the main right out was the best setting and our speed begun to climb to a blistering 1.7 Knts and we left the J 24 in our wake a mile or so before Holland’s Landing. About 03.00 we got the kite up as we sailed into Lake Victoria as the 0-2Knt winds clocked right around the dial. As the dawn broke we got a steady breeze until the sun rose and the wind died again. Now we could see a couple of monos then Spud Gun then heaps of monos behind us. We battled on praying for a shortened race, our hopes built when a committee boat came out around us and then anchored near Point Turner. The Magic 25 had got past us but didn’t get a blast as they passed so back to despair. Then another committee boat arrived and a mad flurry for flags as we passed Point Turner at 10.56 a hooter and it was over. 15 hours to do 30 nm on a warm March night!!! Thanks to a great crew of Geoff, Lisa and Lisa we made the most of a long night. Big Andy on Spud Gun did come 2nd this time. Not bad at all.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Calling all Multihullers !!!!

Can everyone promote and like the Facebook Page of the Multihull Yacht Club of Victoria please….. Once you have clicked liked you can comment and post info..just another great way to promote the club on a world wide scale and just a little user-friendly than the blog. This will be a great way to promote the club and share info whilst we are working on the website…cheers Lisa

MYCV meeting on the 22nd of March, multihull construction and BBQ

The next Multihull Yacht Club of Victoria (MYCV) meeting will be on the 22nd of March at 6:30pm. We are kindly being hosted by Cliff Howie down at Allcraft Marine. Cliff is going to give an informal chat about the services he offers and Ian is going to show us through his very interesting trailerable pod cat project which is onsite. The builders onsite have also offered to give everyone a look at their projects which are under construction. There is a bbq/sausage sizzle on the go, BYO drinks.

Friday, March 1, 2013

OMR Weapon

One of the local guys at Airlie Beach is building this boat for the Nats this year. He reckons it's a winner under OMR if it stays together?