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Quote of the Month; The Commodore of the club leads by example, usually he leads round the race track as well-Joe King.

Monday, March 11, 2013


While the travelers in the club were competing at Marley Point, I stayed back and sailed with Mark and Jane on With Teeth. It was a lovely day 30d with 10kts most of the time blowing, Course 26 picked for the day, up round middle spit with a ripper spinnaker run between the mud banks.

And I would have to say the team were pretty happy after the spinnaker run with the lead boats not that far in front. PHC victors for sure and they were lucky we weren't racing under OMR because we had that covered as well. Rounding the bottom mark up to the finish and our tacking angles weren't the best, but we sailed well to the finish very happy with ourselves.... Until we were told the other boats had been in for 1.5 hours waiting. Top speed for the day 22kts

Key notes:

1. Mark sailed OK.
2. Jane and Tim crew brilliantly.
3. Jib needs work.
4. Main needs work.
5. Boat sails better once centreboard is down.
6. With Teeth is a heavy boat.
7. Don't need 7 clips from a 50f mono to clip spinnaker bag on to net.

Overall a great day sailing...


  1. sounds like abit of this story is missing, ecspecialy what happened when the new helmsman took over?????

  2. Not sure what you're talking about?