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Quote of the Month; The Commodore of the club leads by example, usually he leads round the race track as well-Joe King.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

New Marina for Melbourne


Please read below an email we received from Peter Dawson RMYS General Manager introducing their new marina they are building. He is very keen for Multis to berth there and is offering Multihull pens for sale. This could be the start of our Port Phillip base in Melbourne? It even has our initials on the club!!! Royal Mullihull Yacht Squadron???
If you are interested email Peter direct for all the information.

Dear multi hull member,

The opportunity to confirm your position for a pen at the new RMYS marina at the Foundation Marina Member rates is open until February 28, 2011 and after that date we will either have no long term leases available or you will pay considerably more.

We have 2 x 15 meter and 1 x 18 meter multi hull already signed up at 1.5 the normal rate and we have other special multi hull pens available and we can develop a special deal for your members before Feb 28.

Please take a look again at the Memo of Information, facts sheet (attached) and the new image of the proposed layout including the depth survey (attached above).

Tie up your position NOW and get on board while you can at the RMYS Marina:

• The Bay’s most spectacular location
• The latest world class floating marina technology
• Completion due late 2011
• 250 pens with only up to 125 offered as long term leases
• Pens sizes up to 18 meter vessels including catamarans

Please email or call me directly on 03 9534 0227 and my mobile 0428 788855, any time to confirm your intention regarding the long term lease opportunity which is closing on February 28, 2011.

Peter Dawson
RMYS General Manager
Phone No: 9534 0227
Email Address - manager@rmys.com.au

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Goolwa to Wellington Race SA

The below email was received from Ross McOmish from SA. it would be nice if 1 or 2 boats from Victoria went along and supported them as they support us. If anyone is interested contact me for details. Only problem is, it seems to be on the same weekend as the Marley Point Race???


Hi all,

A few of us have been discussing a Goolwa to Wellington race weekend as some will be aware. The dates that appear to suit many so far are the Adelaide Cup weekend being Saturday the 12th March to Monday the 14th. Subject to the weather the suggested format is a Clayton to Wellington race on the Saturday with a late start to catch the afternoon sea breeze. Stay at the Wellington pub. Sunday a race to Milang. Stay somewhere! Sunday back to Goolwa.

It has been several years since this was possible. Water levels are high again. The lake can offer perfect multihull sailing conditions. Many have already signaled their intentions to participate. But can I ask you all to respond so I can think about catering etc.

Hope to see you all there.