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Quote of the Month; The Commodore of the club leads by example, usually he leads round the race track as well-Joe King.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Yachting Australia announcement about Silver and Gold cards

Yachting Australia and the State Associations have agreed that Yachting Australia will not issue physical cards as a matter of course to Silver and Gold card holders. For this coming season, the Silver and Gold Cards will only be available on an opt in basis for Clubs. MYCV has decided that for the 2013-14 season we would like our members to continue to receive a card. You will therefore receive a card and letter from Yachting Australia in the month after we update the Yachting Australia database, myClub.

All club members, irrespective of whether their club has indicated that they would like them to receive a card for this coming year or not, can access a printable PDF online via mySailor. This includes your Sailor Identification Number, your club name (and other clubs of which you are a member) and any Yachting Australia qualifications you hold (in which case you will receive a Gold Card). 

The online card also evidences that a sailor is entitled to race in compliance with the Racing Rules of Sailing (Rule 46 Person in Charge and Rule 56 Crew). 

The benefits cardholders receive remain unchanged, including Personal Accident Insurance and access to offers from Yachting Australia Loyalty Partners. You do not need a physical card to access these benefits, but you do need to have up to date information on mySailor.  

To ensure a smooth transition to the online card system, all club members are asked to update their details on mySailor, in particular a current email address. A current email address will allow you to retrieve your password if forgotten. If you don’t have a current email address in the system and need to retrieve your password you will need to contact the club directly to enter it for you. Your letter from Yachting Australia will tell you what is currently on your mySailor account and how you can update it. 

It’s important to note that by having a Sailor Identification Number an individual is not a member of Yachting Australia. Your club is a member of, and pays an affiliation fee to, the State Association which in turn is a member of and pays a fee to Yachting Australia, allowing both organisations to continue to support clubs across the country in numerous ways. 

The cost savings made by not mailing a physical card will be invested in developing and promoting sailing. In particular it will enable a significant investment to move the Sailing Information and Management Systems (myCentre, myClass, myClub, myWebsite and mySailor) to a new provider and platform, Sporting Pulse Ltd, a major provider of information technology solutions to many Australian sports. 

It will also enable continued development and funding of the Discover Sailing Program, (www.discoversailing.org.au) which aims to increase participation in sailing and club membership. 

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

ORCV Winter Series - Melbourne to Geelong race 7 September

Had a chat with several of the Offshore Racing Club of Vic (ORCV) committee members recently, and they are very open to exploring having a multihull division in their races. They have invited MYCV boats to join their Melbourne-Geelong race on September 7 (election day!). Its a Category 5 race (same as FOS passage race), but has a more interesting course, with an initial leg down the Bay (various options depending on weather) before turning to Geelong. Have a look at www.orcv.org.au for more details. Peccadillo and Patronus are up for it, but we really need 3-4 boats to make a division. I know a lot of members are up at Airlie at the moment (Fifty-fifty is doing well I hear), but if anyone is interested to enter, please contact me on 0419 280 322. Cheers, Charles Meredith