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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Port Lincoln and Goolwa 2012

Hello to everyone


At a meeting last week of members of our local association I was asked to put to together a letter for distribution to multi hull owners who hopefully will be prepared to give some thought to participating in either or both of the forthcoming Port Lincoln and Goolwa regattas. In this letter I will set out some facts and put forward some ideas. Feel free to give me a call. Alternatively Rob Remilton, John Hardy and Peter Boyd are fully aware of what we are planning and will be happy to discuss things with you.

Can I deal with each of these events separately. I do so as follows:

Goolwa Regatta Week

The Goolwa Regatta Yacht Club has for a long time hosted the Freshwater Classic Milang to Goolwa Yacht Race. For many years this event was the largest freshwater yacht race in the Southern Hemisphere. Due to problems with water in the lower reaches of the Murray the event has not been held for some time now. The water is now back and the expectation is that there will be a very good turnout for this classic event.

The Milang to Goolwa race is open to monos and multis. It is a 50 kilometre dash from Milang across Lake Alexandrina to the lower Murray channel at Point Sturt and then down the river to the Goolwa bridge. The Marine & Harbours people have re‑laid the channel markers during the drought and navigating the channel is not difficult. If the prevailing south westerly afternoon changes come through by the time the boats get to Point Sturt, having crossed the lake ,(as is usually the case), some very exciting sailing can be had along the lower Murray. Once out of the Lake the water is flat and the southerly often strong.

Larger boats cannot pass under the Goolwa to Hindmarsh Island bridge. A standard F31 will just fit whereas Wilparina 2 will not. However, the race will finish before the bridge for the Multis.

The Goolwa Club is running a week of sailing events as a precursor to the main Milang to Goolwa race being held on Sunday 22nd. Mono racing commences on Saturday 14 January. For the multis it is planned that there be a Goolwa to Wellington dash on Friday 20 January. This is a long race that ends at the point where the upper reaches of the Murray enter into Lake Alexandrina. Participants will then motor up the river to the Wellington Hotel and stay overnight. Accommodation is available at the hotel and boats moor on the riverbank beneath the hotel.

On Saturday 21 January it is then planned to hold a Wellington to Milang race. This will get everyone to Milang in time to anchor and participate in the all day long entertainment that will be happening on the Milang foreshore. The main event namely the Milang to Goolwa Freshwater Classic from Milang to Goolwa will then follow on Sunday 22 January.

There are a number of jettys and marinas on Hindmarsh Island where participants can tie up either before or after these races. There are ramps at North Goolwa and Hindmarsh Island where boats too tall to pass under the bridge can be launched and retrieved.

There will be a large party at the Goolwa Club during the afternoon and evening of Sunday 22 January. For those who have not been to this region can I point out that for an extended holiday there is some great sailing around the south coast. Kangaroo Island is not that far away and is one of the most extraordinary holiday venues in the whole of the country. The McLaren Vale Winery District is a mere half hour drive from Goolwa. The Coorong stretches 100 kilometres east along the back of the ocean beach and offers beauty to match the Whitsundays in near total privacy.

The Port Lincoln events are held one month later. For those who would consider leaving their boats with or without vehicles in South Australia arrangements can be made to leave them locally in secure conditions. Apart from the availability of local marinas I have the ability to store a number of boats/vehicles at my place and Rob Remilton can make similar arrangements.

The Port Lincoln Events

There are actually two separate events involved here. The Lexus Adelaide to Port Lincoln Yacht Race is scheduled to start Friday 17 February 2012. This is a 156 nautical mile race in the Southern Ocean finishing at the picturesque city of Port Lincoln. Port Lincoln is regarded as one of the most beautiful and outstanding harbours in the Southern Hemisphere. The event is open to boats 28’ plus in length who are equipped with Category 3 safety equipment. Compliance is strictly enforced by the Club with zero tolerance. For more info check out www.plyc.com.au. Or speak with either Rob Remilton or Peter Boyd.

Following this event there is a four day Lincoln Regatta Week starting Monday 20 February and ending the following Thursday. Races are conducted in Boston Harbour but sometimes there is a passage race to Tailor Island.

At this point in time it would appear that all of the South Australian boats known to our interstate colleagues will be participating together with some other local multis that may not be so well known outside this state. In addition, it is anticipated that a number of interstate boats will participate in both these events. Rob Remilton advises that Tony Considine will bring Mad Max across for these events. A spectacular week of sailing will be assured subject of course to weather conditions, which usually are good at that time of the year. Accommodation can be arranged through the Port Lincoln Visitor Information Centre contactable on 1300 788 378 or (08) 8683 3544.


All of us here in South Australia are expecting a major turnout of local boats for all these events for which they are eligible to participate. We are also all hoping that many if not all of our interstate friends who are known to transport their boats will be able to participate. Please give it some thought. :You can contact me on 0413 430 767 or Rob Remilton on 0427 470 347 or John Hardy on 0418 552 006 or Peter Boyd on 0414 918 986.

Here’s hoping that we all get to see each other in South Australia early next year.

Kind regards

Ross McOmish

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