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Monday, November 15, 2010

SOMR 2010

Southern Oceans Multihull Regatta 2010.

And the Winners are..........

OMR Division
1st E-Marineworld (Tim Pepperell)
2nd Frassld (Shaun Fishley)
3rd Chilli ( Geoff Floyd / Lisa Fitzell)

Performance H’cap Division
1st E-Marineworld (Tim Pepperell)
2nd Frassld (Shaun Fishley)
Eq 3rd Mustang Sally (Al Bennet)
Eq 3rd Chilli (Geoff Floyd/Lisa Fitzell)

SOMR Series Championship
The e-marineworld team of Tim Fuller Pepperell, Tony Navman Holt, Gail Good girl Perry, Libby GoGo Fox and Chris Culppy Culph.

those Other Awards....
SillyArse Award .... Shuttle [Flying Deckchair](Dave Tapper) for butting the bank 3 times ! You can’t just blame the rain, Dave.
Pigs Might Fly Trophy .... Peccadillo (Charles Meredith) for expecting to take the Racer/Cruiser Crown from the likes of Cascade or Bagatelle, first time around. Nice try though, Charles!
SOMR Virgin Award... Peccadillo (Charles Meredith) see above, of course.

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