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Quote of the Month; The Commodore of the club leads by example, usually he leads round the race track as well-Joe King.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

SOMR 2010

Full SOMR report and results coming soon. In the mean time if you have anything you would like to share give me a call and we can post it.

The calm before the storm? Or should I say rain. Nearly 100mm of rain was recorded at Stoney Point.

Close racing at this years SOMR heard yelling coming from a couple of the not so serious punters. The flying deck chair must have grown horns and didn't want to be beaten by Rainbow Connection sporting her new sails and speed. I didn't see any tooth picks floating round so they must of worked it out.

Lucky for Al Bennets spinnaker, he was the only boat we could see. With Teeths spinnaker is simular but it was blowing a bit much for that to go up!!!
Stay tuned.....

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