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Quote of the Month; The Commodore of the club leads by example, usually he leads round the race track as well-Joe King.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Frassld @ Marlay Point overnight race 2012

Friday, a nice sail down to Loch Sport for the night, about midnight the wind went North and it started pushing me up onto the sand, so I motored out and anchored. Saturday, a nice fresh Westerly so a beat all the way to LWYC at Marlay Point, found a nice parking spot in the reeds. Lots of trailer sailors rigging and launching, and lots sailing down from Paynesville and anchoring out front, Lisa Lisa and Steve arrived in time for the briefing. With a South Easterly blowing Sknot decided to try and join us onshore, but the rocks were narrowly missed with the quick actions of some fellow sailors. Next minute the Bare Decided to take off as well so it was the Commodore at full gallop to the rescue! Quite a action packed Briefing! Time for the twilight start at 7.45 pm and soon after looking back at a sea of bow lights slowly fading in the distance. With Mad Max well out of sight Frassld was behind Bare Essentials with Dash just behind us as we entered the Mc Clelland Straights, we managed to get into 2nd place for a while but Dash passed us then we ran aground just after Hollands landing before entering Lake Victoria, Steve jumped in and saved the day. Bare passed us before Storm Point as did Sknot just after Point Turner but as we neared the GLYC at Paynesville the wind dropped out as did most of division M, but after being anchored, and a couple of hours sleep we decided to press on, we could just see Tripple Expresso sailing into Lake King so after 4 hours sailing around Raymond Island (and 16.5 hours since the start) we finally had a nice kite run over the finish line 36 seconds behind Tripple Expresso. Off the 15 division M boats only 4 finished. So a special thanks to my crew and the other competitors who traveled long distances to attend. Shaun Fishley

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  1. Thanks for the write up. Another drifter the wind gods are going to have to give you some wind next year.