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Monday, January 23, 2012

Looking for volunteers to help run MYCV promotional stand.

I've organised for a stand for MYCV at the Melbourne Summer Boat Show quayside on 3-5th of February at Waterfront City Marina in Docklands.  Looking for anyone able to help man the stand distribute flyers, promote MYCV and chat to the public.  Also wondering if anyone can spare their boat to put on the stand,  24hr security is provided for the duration of the show.  I'm happy to put my beach tri on display but think a Farrier tri like an F22 would make a better display afterall thats what more of our members sail and what our racing is geared towards.  Anyone have a MYCV banner, flag or burgee I can fly on the display?  Also if anyone has any video, photo's in an album or other interesting material to display it would be much appreciated.

Melbourne Summer Boat Show


  1. Hi Owen,
    If you need me I could man the stand at docklands on the Sunday 5Th,

    Let me know if I can fit in that day only.

    look forward to catching up with you. TERRY PEMBERTON

    terrypem@gmail.com or Mob:-0412092430

  2. Thanks Terry, that will be a great help. I'll be in contact soon.

  3. Owen,
    Yep, I have the MYCV and SOMR banners also some older SOMR videos and should be able to print up some photos if needed. I should be OK for the stand 3rd and/or 4th if needed.
    Ian A. 0402088990

  4. Thanks Ian, the 3rd and as a backup on the 4th would be great I'm hoping to have two people on most of the time it makes it a bit easier if someone has to knock of for a toilet break or needs to stretch their legs. I'm going to try and be there every day work permitting. My father Graeme has offered to help on Saturday the 4th he was a member of the Trimaran Association in the sixties so he reckons he has prior experience :-).

  5. If anyone else would like to spend some time on the stand during the show the show hours are 10am-8pm Friday, 10am-6pm Saturday and 10am-6pm Sunday. We will have spare name tags available and cool drinks in the esky. My contact details are precisionsunroofs1@bigpond.com and 0408385659, cheers.