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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mark Staffords Baby delivered safe.

Fellow members; Well you had the Royal Wedding and now you have the Royal Birth? That’s right folks, Mark Stafford’s golden child has arrived.
After months of listening to him crapping on about his fantastic creation, many thought it was a figment of his imagination, I can report, I have actually seen it.

Mark tells me it will be on the water by the next Audi Victoria Week, THAT’S 2012!! “I’d like to see that”. Anyone getting a boat built overseas or buying a boat, come a talk to Mark about the joys of importing a vessel. Two large things are needed, ones a wallet!!!
Check out the photos, looks good..

tight fit into a 40ft container. How does that fit in???

Up the front looking towards the stern.

Safe and in my shed at last..

To big for the shed, so waiting outside for the extension.

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  1. Mark if you need help fairing up your baby for paint contact Owen at precisionsunroofs1@bigpond.com I'll be able to help in the months ahead.