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Quote of the Month; The Commodore of the club leads by example, usually he leads round the race track as well-Joe King.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter on the Gippsland lakes.

Lisa from Chilli send me this photo of little Sknot taking her first steps, with a few words about the weekend. Can you believe it, the kite matches the boat and the mast!!!!! GREENNN

Boats sailing in our division were Triple Espresso, Spud Gun, chilli, Sayanara(cant spell this one), Sknot and many mosquitos, stingrays etc...

Days were perfect. Saturday was the Classic 30 mile up the straights dodging the Raymond Island Ferry and out down around fixed marks and then back up through Metung and to a mark off Bancroft Bay. Winds were good and some marks hard to find, Sknot enjoyed their first race and discovered a list of things that they need to purchase (all in good time)...

Chilli raced well but ran into a mud bank at the back on Raymond Island much to Spud Guns laughter and delight. Geoff won mug of the day award for this and as many drinks as he could stand. Well worth it we thought. The Gippsland Yacth club put on a great regatta and was enjoyed by all, especially the cash prizes!!!! The yacth club also put on saftey demonstrations and flags information for the novices.

Sknot enjoyed 4th place in the around Raymond Island Race with Chilli taking first. Craig, Chris and Libby have found that for the time being a few beverages is much needed before a race to still any nerves and tension until they iron out the bugs in Sknot!

Overall a thouroughly enjoyable weekend, it is a relaxing and fun regatta that Gippsland should be proud of.

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