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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Syndicate Members Required

Morning all,

Please read the follow email received from Owen McKenzie about a fantastic idea.
Wouldn't it be great to have this boat sailing and representing our club. Remember in life,
"You regret more things you didn't do in life(when the opportunity arises) than the mistakes you ever make"... Have a go and enjoy life.

I'm hoping to gauge interest in setting up a syndicate for bringing in a racing trimaran from the US. the link to the boat is here http://www.multihulldesigns.com/designs_stock/f40shtri.html it's a Kurt Hughes 40' tri that is able to be singlehanded. I've checked the logistics of transporting the boat (it packs into a 40' container) and the mast is transported as deck cargo. Obviously we would have to get a full survey on the boat prior to purchase and check that it matches it's description prior to purchase (I think I'll fly to Seattle to have a test sail prior to transporting back and would urge other syndicate members to do the same if the process goes ahead). The cost of the boat is $60,000 USD and it looks from the shipping quote I've been able to obtain that freight duty and customs charges will be approximately $20,000 AUD. From that we can have a four member syndicate at $20,000 each or if we can get 8 members involved $10,000 each which would be a cheap entry into a fast ocean capable racing boat. A properly drafted syndicate
contract will be put in place for everyones peace of mind and an insurance and maintenance allowance would be built into the syndicate fees to keep the boat in top condition. I've checked that Allcraft Marine can handle slipping the boat for antifoul
(which is no problems) and have a mooring in Warneet that should be adequate for parking the boat on (although a mooring at Hastings may be better) Please contact Owen McKenzie on precisionsunroofs1@bigpond..com
for more information if interested. Please note this is a focused racing boat not a cruising boat and doesn't claim to be one although it would be comfortable enough for short passages, day sailing or singlehanded races.

Owen McKenzie


  1. Mark Stafford wont be happy, it might be quicker than his new Super Sonic Flyer.

  2. Sorry, typo in email address should be precisionsunroofs1@bigpond.com

  3. Syndicate is about 3/8th subscribed. Owen McKenzie 2/8th shares. Charles (possibly)1/8th share. It would be great if we could get more subscribers and make this a reality. This boat can sit on a mooring at Hastings readily accessible by the syndicate tender. We would put in place a software booking system that can be logged into from the web to book out dates for your use.