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Sunday, October 31, 2010

e-marineworld SOMR 2010

Well well, SOMR 2010 is off to a great start. Just a quick report and a few pics to let you know how we are going. Zero wind and a lovely day for a raft up, cloud bake and a few drinks was the nice way to catch up with a few of the fellers.

After sitting around for a few hours a lovely 10 kts came in and we were able to start our first race. Only problem was the wind brought the rain and when I say rain I MEAN RAIN!!!!
It was that bad a one stage you couldn't see 200 metres in front of the boat. At the end of the race we didn't even know where Hasting channel was.
However, we did all have a lovely wet sail with a hot shower the order of the day. Day 2 has been cancelled due to a gale warning with 25-35 kts. Hopefully tomorrow we can get 3 short races in.
Chow for now.....

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